Second Arrondissement

Lyon France Tourist Information and City Guide

The second arrondissement in Lyon France (Deuxieme Arrondissement de Lyon) encompasses the southern portion of Presque'ile (which literally means "nearly an island").

This district of Lyon encompasses the peninsula that separates the two great rivers that converge in Lyon: the Saone River and the Rhone River.

Second Arrondissement in Lyon France - Presque'ile
Place Bellecour in Lyon's Second Arrondissement

Popular tourist attractions and city landmarks in Lyon's 2nd arrondissement include the following:

  1. Celestins Theatre
  2. Flower Tree
  3. Hotel Dieu
  4. Jacobins Fountain
  5. Palais de la Bourse (palace)
  6. Place Bellecour (city square)
  7. Place de la Republique (city square)
  8. Rue de la Republique (shopping street)

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